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5k ( Tees And Accessories )
10k ( unreleased Tees and accessories)
20k ( Tees Accessories Shoe )
50k ( 3 or more Shoes/ tees/ accessories )

Product Description


Product Description
This mystery box contains all the products ( Shoes, T-shirts, Phone Covers ) related to Street Racing Culture.

Mystery Box Comes with 4 Variants

  • 20k ( With unreleased 1 Shoes )
  • 40k ( 2 Unreleased Shoes )
  • 55k ( 3 or more Unreleased Shoes )

Available for a limited time only. Mystery box items are half-off retail value, meaning you save 50% vs. if you had purchased them individually.

Customer feedback on our mystery boxes is outstanding!

With over 150,000 Mystery boxes ordered and filled, what are you waiting for? Buy your mystery
box today!

**Items will ship in a premium shipping bag made for this package deal, not the box shown.

**As listed in the FAQs, all mystery boxes are not eligible for return or exchange.

    Estimated Delivery Time :  7 - 15 Working Days